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Tempest Keep Quickie!

It had been awhile since our last adventure, but let me tell you, this one’s for the books (at least for us). It all started innocent enough. Peebeepea whispered me to meet her at Shattrah City. I was at the Shrine of Two Moons so going there was easy enough. There is a portal going to Shattrah in the second floor of the Shrine.


Of course, with her current ‘mog (or short for transmogrification) it’s kinda hard to talk to her without looking at her legs every now and then.

She deliberately ignored my straying eyes and was all business. She asked if she can “ride” me and summoned three look-a-likes to seal the deal.


Any hot-blooded troll would immediately say yes, of course. Who wouldn’t? Maybe I had too much beer from this pony. I don’t know. Brewfest is still ongoing after all. Or maybe it’s the prospect of doing a five-some with four hotties. Who am I to say no, right?

(Warning: the following may be NSFW. You have been warned.)

Little did I know … Continue reading

Gold Tip # 1: Buy Low, Sell High!

I conceptualized this World of Warcraft (WoW) blog, initially, as a guide to gold making. There are lots of reasons why a player would want to amass gold. For the raiders, it is to finance their raiding expenses (flasks, food, potions, enchants, gems, reforge fees, and so forth). For the collectors, they want to save enough to be able to buy sick mounts and cute pets (usually, the rarer the mount or the pet, the more expensive it is bound to be). There are those, however, who hoard gold for the sake of hoarding gold simply because they find the task challenging. I belong to this group. You see, I started experimenting on gold hoarding due to a desire to buy the Spectral Tiger which has a market price of 500,000 gold according to Undermine Journal.

See a picture of the mount below (source: http://www.wowwiki.com/Reins_of_the_Swift_Spectral_Tiger):

In the course of saving for this lovely mount (maybe somewhere around the mark where I reached 200,000g) my reasons for earning gold changed. The task of earning gold became a game within a game simply because it was too challenging. Much like some … Continue reading

Mangkepweng, Liberator of Orgrimmar


Finally, our guild was able to down Garrosh Hellscream in 25-man normal mode. It was a pretty hectic fight consisting of three phases. The raiding team had to make a number of adjustments to be able to down him properly. Kudos to the team and to our raid leader who, as is usual for encounters like these, had to pop a few blood vessels before we were successful.

Here are my notes on the encounter (Warlock-Affliction perspective):

1) I’m still unsure whether to use Mannoroth’s Fury (MF) or Kil’jaeden’s Cunning (KJC) in the encounter. There will be 2-3 AoE instances in phase 1. The first and the third is timed for MF’s cooldown and can be a good source of DPS early on. However, after Phase 1, there isn’t a viable AoE situation anymore which makes a good argument to go with KJC. Problem is, you might be left behind in the DPS during the AoE encounter if you were to go KJC. In the absence of logs (there was an error in our World of Logs parsing), I … Continue reading

Why I Play WoW

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Note: This a post on my guild’s forum where I acted as founder, guild master and one time raid leader. Thus, there are references to individuals who are known to some of the intended readers.

I have been an avid gamer since I was a little kid. I played various games: Pong (Atari); Mario (NES); the Final Fantasy series (SNES, PS2, PS3), across  various genres: RPG, RTS, FPS, etc. You name it, I might have played it. My heyday as a gamer peeked during the glory days of PS2 and Xbox where I hoarded a collection of more than 100 games (why? because they are cheap at that time? wink wink.) Despite my exposure to various genres, my personal preference and attraction leaned towards RPG or role-playing games. In college, my thesis subject is related to Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games or MMORPG (I studied the effects of Ragnarok Online to gamers). My social experiment showed that there is a correlation between political and social consciousness and playing MMORPG. This is a deviation from current studies at that time where the academe focused more on the … Continue reading